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A fansite dedicated to The Maze Runner series by James Dashner and the upcoming movie directed by Wes Ball. This blog will provide you with the latest news, stills, videos and interviews that pertain to TMR.


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This is a fan blog and we are not associated with James Dashner nor the production of The Maze Runner movie. Neither do we claim any ownership of the images posted here unless stated otherwise.They belong to their respective owners.


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“I just…feel like I need to save everyone. To redeem myself.” (x)

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you know where are the cast going on tour exactly? I mean which cities in the US

We’ve had a lot of questions about this (10+) and I’m just going to respond at once. I don’t know where the cast will be visiting but I’ll try to be as vigilant as possible on posting contests for screenings etc. 20th Century Fox has opted to not release an official schedule (at least not yet) and I have a few things to say about why.

  • It’s a press tour. The key word being press. From what I’ve heard and from the info I’ve gotten from people who have been to the meet & greets and screenings is that it is 98% press. This makes sense to me as this is how it works for the critics to get reviews out ahead of time. This is also to get information out about the movie. And do interviews.
  • They’re not public events. You’re not allowed to just show up and do a meet & greet like how usual book cast tours are (i.e. If I Stay, THG) so it might be worse to announce the dates all ahead of time and have to turn people down for the events. 

But besides this, there are still things you can do to find out if there’s a screening coming nearby.

  • #MazeKeeper - Watch the twitter @mazerunnermovie because they have been doing a little competition on twitter for every meet & greet to give a fan a chance to meet the cast.
  • Contests - Some schools/radio stations etc. are having contests/opportunities to get tickets to a screening that the cast will be having a Q&A at. 
  • AdvanceScreenings.com - Even if you don’t get to see the cast, try and see the movie early! It’ll be great :)

Again, the first part is just my guesses so I don’t know anything for sure and am just a fan like you. We’ll try and be as active as possible on keeping you updated on places we know they’re going and screenings!

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