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A fansite dedicated to The Maze Runner series by James Dashner and the upcoming movie directed by Wes Ball. This blog will provide you with the latest news, stills, videos and interviews that pertain to TMR.


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This is a fan blog and we are not associated with James Dashner nor the production of The Maze Runner movie. Neither do we claim any ownership of the images posted here unless stated otherwise.They belong to their respective owners.



"Lost the battle, win the war
I’m bringing my sinking ship back to the shore
We’re starting over, well, head back in
There’s a time and a place to die but this ain’t it
If there’s a future we want it

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New clip from The Maze Runner [x]

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she’s the last one. ever.

palette challenge ↷

Theresa + 11 ; requested by stevethefuturepredator

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''It’s a weird thing. People just label it that. It’s not like it’s a new occurrence, we’ve had this forever. People like labelling things, and it definitely puts a target on our back, so it’s interesting. I’ll take any comparisons to The Hunger Games for sure, but hopefully we transcend it a little in the movie. I wanted to make a cool movie with kids in it, not a kids movie. I try to make something like The Goonies, or Jurassic Park or Raiders, something adventurous and fun that I grew up on. I wanted to tap into that, I didn’t think about the whole YA thing.''

Wes Ball (on Young Adult comparisons)
22nd Jul 2014 3:19pm 1 day ago 49 notes

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